Monday, August 12, 2013

Intent Psychometry

Not Mika, but looks like her.
I had a very intense dream last night. In it, my childhood pet Mika (in life a very protective and nurturing German Shepherd) appeared to me. In the dream she had German Shepherd markings on her belly and her legs, but her head and her back were like those of a grey wolf.  On her belly was the scar from when she (in real life) was accidentally spayed at the age of 12 when she was taken to the vet for a tooth cleaning. There was also a fur pouch sewed onto her belly, with a zipper, like a re-useable womb.
We talked for a long time, about everything. It was very comfortable being with her.  Near the end, she told me something, or words came through her, in another voice, deep and masculine. The words were "Intent Psychometry." She said to look it up.
I'm thinking that either Mika was either a)Mika herself, speaking to me, or b)My spirit guide, taking on the form that I would find most comforting. The fact that she looked like half a wolf implies b. Or c) Mika IS my spirit guide, and the wolf referenced the higher soul inside herself. 
So I googled "Intent Psychometry" and found at least one good article on doing psychometry with intent ( I also found a nifty moon-phase widget for the sidebar of my blog - but I digress).  I'm going to give it a try.
I've often, in the past, been very sensitive to the energy of places, buildings etc. . Maybe psychometry is a skill I need to develop, or can develop.
I have been praying to the gods/spirits/whatever-beings-that-might-care to give me messages in loud, clear words that I can understand, and I think they finally got the message. This is about as clear as a dream can get. My thanks sincerely. Blessed Be!

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