Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Leaving Facebook

I did it, finally. I permanently deleted my facebook account and am now solely dependent on tumblr for my social networking. The pic below explains why.

Basically, on Facebook people are able to post death threats and hate speech without being taken down - as long as it's against certain groups of people.  There has been much discussion about this on the pagan Facebook pages, and hundreds of people have brought these sites to Facebook's attention, and they are still up. 
I haven't found out much about Tumblr's track record - good or bad - but I'm hoping they'd do a better job of enforcing their own policies regarding calls to genocide.


UPDATE: I was given a two-week grace period during which I could come back and still keep my old account settings. Sadly, I did come back to Facebook. I have family and other people there that I can't seem to contact any other way.  Finding other ways to protest. Most likely Facebook neither noticed nor cared that I was gone, or why.

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