Thursday, September 19, 2013

Trying Out the Corellian Tradition

It's a controversial tradition, apparently, for reasons that I care little about; there are semantics involving their use of the word 'Wicca' to describe themselves; they charge some money for degree initiation. Whatever.

When I was first introduced to the Craft, Wicca was synonymous with Witchcraft. Many today say that the word 'Wicca' only applies to the Gardner Tradition and it's spin-offs.  Apparently the leaders of the Corellian Tradition think the way I do.

As for what they charge, it's $159 for a lifetime membership, or smaller amounts for smaller chunks of time. This amounts to the money that it must take to maintain and build that very complicated website. I don't think the leaders are taking home a personal fortune. I have no problem paying for the necessities required by my education.

Even if I chose to go the normal route - driving to distant places to find a coven that will work with me, the cost of the travel would more that add up to the cost of the membership.  Corellian is online and its lessons are accessible. They have mentors, so you're not just talking to machines. They have live gatherings in various parts of the world. Once I get to where I can travel, I can access a live community.

I have not been doing well as a solitary. I need real training and mentoring.
There are two people I have to worry about; The general public is not going to care in the least what my tradition is, they're only going to cue into the word 'witch.'  The other group I'm going to have to deal with is witches and pagans from other traditions that down their nose at us Corellians.  Since I have only one current friend who is a witch, the matters of those others really have to affect on me.  So what it all boils down to is, how do I feel about following this path? So far I like it.

Their lessons for First Degree include practices in developing my psychic ability, and that is something that I truly want to do. There is also a path of study that leads to becoming ordained. Granted there are easier and cheaper ways to get ordained, but I want to know that my ordination is backed by extensive knowledge and training.

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