Saturday, June 23, 2012

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Category: Web design 
Posted by: morgainebrigid 
Well, when I wrote that last post, I was having a bad day. I did work out most of the kinks the next morning. I still can't make the background change correctly, and that irritates me no end.
I also can't figure out why the links at the top are all padded on the right. I've been over and over the CSS file of the original theme, and nothing jumps out at me that would explain it. Still working on it.
Category: Web design 
Posted by: morgainebrigid 
I first tried this really basic blog program called SuperSimple blog. I wanted something that I could just plug into my existing website without much hassle. Unfortunately after I got it installed, it didn't work, so looking elsewhere.
Determined not to give in to wordpress (which is anything but easy to incorporate), I tried this program called Nucleus. I was not able to simply import the CSS like I wanted; I can't get the background date-changing PHP to work. I can't get my transparent .png background to work. I've wasted way too many hours on this.
In short, no, I don't recommend Nucleus.
I have written to the makers of SuperSimple to see if I can find a way to make that simply work. If they can help me, it could be the answer to my prayers.

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