Saturday, February 25, 2017

My Response to the Lana Del Rey Thing

I feel a bit embarrassed that, as a pagan and someone who has formerly aspired to the Pagan clergy, I did not hear about the proposed binding on Drumph until the morning after the first spell date, which was yesterday.  I'm especially irked that my husband learned about it first, via an article in Rolling Stone regarding Lana Del Rey's enigmatic tweet.
What do I think about it? At first I was all "Hells yeah!,"  Then I did a search for what others in the community are saying, and I found this blog on the topic from Donald Lewis ( I don't refer to him as "Reverend Don" here because he makes it plain that he is speaking as himself, not as head of the Correllian Tradition, or even as clergy).

In this statement, Mr. Lewis says that we should look at the larger picture, which is the Christian Dominionist Movement. This didn't start with Drumph, and will not end with him. Don believes that we should focus positively on what we want to achieve, such as equal rights, the environment, etc.

(Just an aside: some would say that the Wiccan Rede of "Harm none..." would preclude binding anyone. However I believe, as does the Tradition, that "harm" does not include binding, nor any magick done in self-defense, or defense of another. Drumph's actions and future actions are certainly harmful to any and all minorities, the environment, the freedom of the Press, and basically anyone who disagrees with him, thus I do not hold that binding counts as "harm")

My husband was listening while I watched this video, and, although he does not believe in the power of spells and such, he does often have some astute observations. He pointed out that Drumph is a very powerful weapon of the Christian Dominionist Movement. As any good gamer knows, if you can remove or disable someone's weapon you slow them down a lot,  and increase your advantage. 

I therefore intend to participate in future binding rituals on Drumph and "those who abet him," AND I intend to work for justice and the environment both in spellwork and in speech and action on the physical plane.

May wisdom prevail.

ADDENDUM: Somehow I forgot to mention that Drumph has the Nuclear Codes, and does not require anyone else's approval to launch them.  Binding him might buy us the time we need to win the war against Christian Dominionism, Or to even....I

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