Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Thoughts on becoming Pagan Clergy

The following is an excerpt from something I have been studying in preparation for the Correllian Ministry.  It was an address to the clergy of the Church of Gaia, back in the day. The essay is called "What Gaeists Believe" and it's published as part of "Correllian Philosophy" 
This really struck me, as I have been trying to pin down why I want to become a Correllian Minister, and what that will mean for my life and purpose. The 'energies' referred to are those of the changing age, and the power and destruction, and eventually rebirth, that will accompany them.

"...At this time we Priests and Priestesses have the special
task of understanding and assisting these energies and
those affected by them.
In becoming a Priest or Priestess you commit to helping
both the planet and society as well as individuals. There
will be many problems and crises on both large and
personal scales with which you may be called upon to
help, as well as the High Magic of Priestcraft. You must
be caring and compassionate to those who look to you for
guidance, yet also be strong enough not to be misused.
You must be teacher both of universal truth and correct
action, and a facilitator of universal life –helping those
who turn to you to overcome all blockages and hindrances
to their own greatest potential. You are taking them and
helping them to find their places in the universe, and to
weather and even rejoice in the coming changes. You
must be their advisor and friend, their leader when
needed, and their defender and protector. To be a Priest/
Priestess is not an easy path. It is a vocation –a calling,
not a job. It requires courage, persistence, and dedication,
as well as psychic and magical training. It is a high calling,
not accepted lightly. Yet the rewards are great. The world
will change. The changes can be easy or hard, the results
to our liking or not –it is to guide this that we are called. If
we do not, the world will change without us. It is a window
of great opportunity in which great things can be done, if
we choose to do them. This is the choice put before you.
Think on it well, for it is not a one-time choice, but a
choice to be remade and more deeply made each day. A
steep path leading to great heights and ancient magical
things. Think on it well".

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