Monday, March 18, 2013

Tarot readings

As I stand on the verge of a new job, I did a tarot reading yesterday and one today.  The main theme I got from yesterdays was that of illusions falling away. Today's echoed that with the Tower in my 'environment' place, and the Devil in the final outcome place.

Past: I have made a good marriage and I have a great partner who will help me through any challenge. At the same time, the pattern I'm moving out of is one of creativity.  I have been for several weeks focusing my energy on creating a viable web design business, and this is where my heart is at still. However, the chance for a good steady income trumps my need to make money in a creative way.  I have goals for the future that involve having a home and a place for my grandkids to visit, and this overrules the need of my soul.

Maybe the illusion is that it's either / or?  Maybe I can still find ways to do web design or other creative endeavors in my spare time?  Maybe this new job will utilize my creativity in ways I haven't thought of yet.
Am I building this job into a monster that it's not necessarily destined to be?

Future:  achievement of goals. This is my goal, even though it is a different goal than the one I was previously aiming for.  It is Plan B, but it is still a plan, and it may meet my long-term goals better than my Plan A would have.  Pattern I'm moving into: strength. Strength that comes from patience and caring.

Cover: Nine of Pentacles. Cross: Five of Pentacles.  I am at the crossroads between mastery and continued impoverishment.  All other cards indicate that I am at a time of great change. I take that to mean that I will get the job, and the challenges and pitfalls that come with it. This will not be easy on my soul.

I know that the tower means that I am going to be mourning the brilliant career I had hoped to create. The devil means that I am making an enemy of my own choosing, if enemy it is.