Sunday, September 30, 2012

freethoughts about tarot reading

I'm building and building and building and something's going to crash. What will be left? That is what is truly important. The tower. Are my expectations of life after college unreasonable? The hermit. Overdose of data, information. Must step back and separate out what is important, relevant, meaningful. What jobs to go for? Hopes and fears: 4 of wands. I hope to celebrate my graduation, but fear what comes after. Page of swords: action and thought. The east. Communication. IE, the job search itself, is what I am most intent upon.

Beneath me: loneliness and destitution. That was a long time ago. Ahead of me: possibility of emotional well being. This does not surprise me. Ahead of me, the Lovers. Behind me, page of swords. I've been taking myself too seriously and am afraid to make mistakes and move forward? Current situation: two of cups over 8 of pentacles. I am totally focused on one thing: the job search. But I have a remarkably good marital relationship. This is borne out by the entire 'cross' section of the reading. But what does it have to do with the real questions, which was about the job search? Maybe it's a consolation prize: I won't get a great job, but I have a great relationship. Maybe Hawk and I will go into business together.
What is the nature of the Tower? I don't think it's simply unemployment, because that would be an ongoing thing, not the disaster that is predicted by the end of the month. It might be ending up in a job that is less than I'd hoped for. That is possible, since I am in a mood to take anything that is offered.

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